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Fight Dates for 2022:  

October 2 2021


April 30 2022


August 20 2022


November 5 2022






Fighter & Trainer Information

Just some quick information:

1. All fighters will have to use gauze hand wraps, this is
an update from the athletic commission.


2. If you have fought in a sanction event by the California
Athletic Commission in the last year, you will not have to have a physical for
this event. You should be on file from the previous event. If in doubt send me
an email and I will check for you.


3. The following is the form for the physical please keep a
copy and send one to me, I will forward it to the commission. The following
site has the forms:


4. The following is the application form for the fighters;
please pay attention to the photo requirements.


5. All corner personnel if you have paid your dues in the
last year you will also be ok for this event. If not you will be able to fill
out the application on the day of the fights. The following site is the form
and fee’s:


All fighters must wear shin guards for all types of fights; this is a new California Athletic Commission rule.


Promoter will supply gloves for event


Fighter must have groin protector, mouthpiece, shinguard and
approved headgear.


The following sites explain more on the equipment needed.


Remember this is a sanction event by both the California
Athletic Committee and IKF Sanction . All rules and fee's for corner men must
be meet. I will be sending out another email in a few days explaining fighter
physicals and corner-men fee and how to go about taking care of these prior to
the event.


If you have any questions please let me know or go to for rules

JR Correa

PAK Fight Promoter

(559) 916-2925

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