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PAK 13 Fighters Timeline Infomation


We are fast approaching PAK 13 March 15 2015.

Here is some information for both fighters and trainers.

Weigh-ins are at 9:30 am the morning of the fights at the hotel, we need the fighters there by 9:00 am to fill out paperwork and due pre fight physical. (Remember to have full physical done before arriving to weigh ins)We should be finished with paperwork and fighter meeting by 11:30 am.

We will let you know what time fighters must be back by at the meeting.

Doors will open at 1:00pm   Fights begin at 2:00pm

If you have questions on equipment: Go to

to see the equipment. Also the IKF website has all rules and weight class questions.

Please send me your fighters walk in music this week. (Name and Artist)

I have added the current list of bouts we have set for PAK 13 there has been some changes

due to fighters not being able to fight so please check the list and this is the current order of fights.

Please have your fighters have a physical done before the weigh-ins the forms are on or the IKF site. Bring them to the weigh in on Sunday.(Make sure to keep a copy of physical) Do not have a nurse fill out form it must be done by a doctor.  

This will speed up the morning process remember we cannot have official weigh-ins till all fighter physicals are done. This is a major delay in getting your fighters time to eat all fighters must be done with physical before IKF will start processing fighters.

Poster and tickets will be available next week we will let you know when they are ready to pick up.I will be sending out posters and tickets to those out of town gyms which have ask for them. If you need tickets let me know, I can hold them on will call for you at the weigh ins. If someone wants to buy on line tickets they are available at

If there are any questions please feel free to email me or call me: 559 286-5399

Thank You for all your support.

JR Correa

PAK Fight Promotions


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